Single Serve CBD Coffee Viennese

Single Serve CBD Coffee Viennese


Medium Dark roast Central American blend roasted to bring out the natural chocolate flavor of the bean and ends with a clean fruity finish

These are 2 oz bags of ground, CBD infuzed coffee to be prepared in single serve reuse K cups, French press, or Stainless Steel Pour over.  (Do not use paper filter)

Each bag has one (6-8 oz) serving and will yield aprox 80 mg of caffeine and 6-10 mg CBD

To prepare, pour full content of bag into K cup reusable filter, French Press, or Stainless Steel pour over filter.  Add 6-8 oz hot water (200 degrees).  In a French press, let steep 3-4 minutes before straining. 


Central American high grade whole bean coffee, 10 mg Hemp-Derived CBD. Natural and artificial flavors. May contain nut oils and or by products.