About Us

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We are a family owned and operated Coffee Company that originated in 2015.  At the inception we decided that we wanted to offer fresh roasted gourmet coffees that would make an impact on the planet earth.  Our beans are fair trade procured from farms that not only believe in preservation of our world, but also empowerment of women and children in the coffee communities. 


In 2015, Momma Laurel and Renee set up tents at local events and invited people to taste our delicious coffees and to provide feedback on what our amazing customers were looking for in a cup of Joe.  Well, we grew and as we grew we gave back to our communities and our farmers, one bean at a time.  Our customers appreciate the freshness and quality that we put into every bag and are united spiritually in knowing that they make a difference in our community and our farmers lives every day. 


Today we support our three coffee cafes, grocery stores and CBD Specialty stores with our micro batched Coffees.  In 2019 we launched our online catalog and invited folks from other areas to try us.  They loved it!  We have shipped our coffees to almost every state and have a huge fan base to cheer us on! 


We hope you love our coffees and cold brews with as much passion as we put into every batch!  We are honored and humbled everyday with new souls who care about our world and her people and get a Great cup of coffee to boot! 

Welcome to our family, we are tickled to have you!